Table of Contents





1. Introduction: The Scandal of the Cross

           - Losing and Recovering the Scandal

           - Golgotha

           - Some Forms of the Cross

           - Relics of the True Cross and Empire


2. The Crucifixion of Christ as a Narration of Grandiose Moral Masochism

           - Jesus Arranges for His Own Humiliation, Suffering, and Death

           - Jesus as God Crucified

           - Divine Suffering on the Cross and Human Guilt

           - Original Guilt

           - The Masochistic God: Having It Both Ways

           - Avoiding the Idea of Grandiose Masochism

           - Questioning the Redemptive Power of Divine Masochism


3. Christian Masochism versus Christian Masochism by Proxy

           - Martyrdom: True Christian Masochism in the Extreme

           - Less than Martyrdom: Self-Flagellation and Semi-Crucifixion

           - Further Varieties of Christian Masochism, and the Terminological Issue

           - Christian Masochism by Proxy


4. Resurrection: The Victory of the Cross

           - In Denial: The Persisting Belief in Resurrection

           - Beyond Denial: The Contribution of Reaction Formation

           - Many Varieties of Resurrection

           - From Unfinished Mourning to the Verge of Political Power


5. Crusades: From the Cross to the Sword

           - Onward, Christian Soldiers

           - The Wars of the Cross and Penitential Christian Masochism

           - Inquisitions and the Albigensian Crusade

           - Christian Military Orders: Iconographic Conjunction of Cross and Sword


6. Paranoia versus Paranoia by Proxy: The Cross and Christian Antisemitism

           - The Deicide Charge: Christian Paranoia by Proxy

           - Paranoia by Proxy and the Adversus Judaeos Tradition

           - Antisemitic Violence and the Cross

           - Augmenting the Deicide Charge with New Layers of Paranoia


7. The Holocaust: The Hooked Cross and Christian Antisemitism

           - The Hooked Cross of Lambach Monastery

           - Linking the Nazi Hooked Cross to the Cross of Christ

           - The Christian Hooked Cross Before Hitler

           - HitlerŐs Crosses

           - The Hooked Cross as HitlerŐs Apotropaic Device

           - Ordinary Germans, Ordinary Christians

           - Hitler the Christ


8. Unresolved Aftermath of the Holocaust

           - Christian Antisemitism After Auschwitz

           - The Persistence of Supersessionism

           - Christocentric Views of the Holocaust

           - Idealized Jewish-Christian Futures


9. Conclusion